Ice dyed galaxy woven wrap


Starting from the beginning:

fabric used-linen blend from joann

dye used-dylon from joann

other supplies- salt, soda ash/ washing soda, glue, gloves, bucket, tray, ice

After washing my fabric a few times with hot water I did a soda ash pre soak for about 1/2 hour. 1/2 cup soda ash per gallon in the bucket till all the fabric was covered. Then wring out and air dry. Once dried take Elmer’s washable blue gel glue to make a resist on the fabric. I did random dots to look like stars. These will wash out when you do all the washing after the dye has I got my bucket and rack set up. I used a part of our dogs crate but you can use any any rack that will hold your fabric above your bucket or sink. Then I took my fabric and bunched it up in no particular way. I just bunched it to make it fit onto my rack. I started in one corner and started gathering handfuls of fabric and once i got to the other end i lifted and put it on the rack. Once the fabric was in place I took my bag of ice and covered the whole fabric. On top of the ice I spread out 1 pack of dylons purple dye, 1/2 a pack of dylons tulip red, 1 pack of tropical green,and 1 pack of ocean blue. I didnt follow any patterns I just put a few spoonfuls here and there. Over the top of the colors I sprinkled the black dye.

photo 3

After a few hours the ice had melted but there were still clumps of undissolved dye so I added more ice. I kept adding ice as it melted for about 12 hours.


This is where I ran out of patience and decided I wanted to rinse and see the results. After rinsing in cold water for FOREVER I ran it through the washing machine on cold once then on hot with a bit of blue dawn twice. Then I dried in the dryer and looked at the results. 

photo 2-1photo 1-1photo 3-1

I didnt love it!

 It was cool looking but not as vibrant and dark as what I had imagined. So a few days later I decided to redo it. This time I knew I need patience, more dye, and to not rush the process.

So I started at the beginning- re glued my stars and waited for that to dry, scrunched my fabric, and bought a bunch of new dye. This time I bought 2 of dylons bahama blue, 1 flamingo pink, 1/2 pack tulip red, 2 purple, and 2 black. 

With the fabric on the rack I sprinkled the colored dye straight on the fabric just to see where the colors were actually being put. After all the fabric was covered I put on the ice. Next I put the 2 packs of black on top of the ice. So it was layered fabric-dye-ice-dye. As the ice melted the first time I added salt (just to see if it would do anything!). I kept adding more ice as it melted for a full 24 hours. Once my final layer of ice had melted I let the fabric sit for a few hours just to let the dye all soak in.

Next came the cold water rinse. It took about 20 minutes of spraying, wringing out, and more spraying to get the water to run clear. I let it air dry over night before I decided to wash in the washing machine.

After a cold rinse, and 2 hot washes with the blue dawn I dried in the dryer on high heat.

All the glue had washed out and the colors were so vibrant! imagephoto 2

Baby loves it!
photo 1

I decided the trick to great colors is extra dye, and patience! I wont rush the process or skimp out on dye ever again!